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We do screeningTo protect you, your family and our staff

  • We screen all our employees for symptoms every day。Anyone with symptoms of respiratory illness must wait until they are better before they can start work。
  • We screen all visitors to hospitals and doctors' offices for symptoms。Any visitors with symptoms are prohibited from entering our hospitals or doctors' offices。
  • We do it with patients COVID-19 Testing and symptom screening。
    • Inpatients in this hospital were accepted prior to admission COVID-19 Testing, and then screening for symptoms every day during the hospital stay。
    • Patients who visit the hospital campus and doctors' clinics will be screened for symptoms before and upon arrival。If there are symptoms,Patients will be treated through virtual therapy, or we will use the centers for Disease Control and Prevention in designated areas (Centers for Disease Control, CDC) Recommended personal protective equipment (personal protective equipment, PPE) To care for the patient to prevent COVID-19 The spread of the virus。
    • We adhere to best practice safe conduct standards in our premises at walk-in medical locations。
    • When we provide care in the home environment, it is always before the diagnosis and treatmentScreen patients for symptoms。


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Not only do we cleanYour own hands and places make it easy for you to do the same

  • We have increased the frequency and cleanliness of all frequent contact areas throughout the hospital。
  • We ask people to wash their hands frequently, so we have added sanitizer stations so that patients and staff can easily clean their hands regularly。
  • For care provided in a home setting, we follow special infection prevention guidelines to protect our patients and staff。


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We protectEveryone in the facility environment

  • We ask all employees, patients and visitors on the hospital campus to wear masks at our facilities。
  • We rearranged the space to separate the body and removed seats from the waiting room,
    Plexiglas partitions are also installed in certain high-use areas to prevent transmission and infection。
  • We limit visitors to hospitals and clinics。
  • When providing care in the home environment, we wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines。